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Welcome to the Carkle100 wikia. This is about a user of Wikia, Carkle100. This is a user-related wiki.

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If anyone wants to join this wiki they could add a page or more. Joining this wiki means you get a big surprise.

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Carkle100's Info and Biography

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Some attributes
First Plays Roblox
Second Loves McDonalds
Third Awesome
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Fourth No other attributes.
Carkle100 is a Wikia user who made the 2 wikis: The Strip Generation, and this wiki, The Carkle100 Wiki. His favorite wikis are The Spongebob & fanon wiki, one of his wikis, the GoAnimate wiki, and the ROBLOX wiki. Most of all, he is not really famous, he is just a user. He loves people joining his wikis and other stuff like that.


  1. People joining his wiki
  2. Other wikis
  3. GoAnimate (or Go!Animate)
  4. Music videos
  5. Strip Generator (Comic Creating Community)
  6. Wikia
  7. Himself
  8. Google
  9. Firefox
  10. Being Admin on other wikis
  11. Wikia users
  12. ROBLOX
  13. Microsoft Sam
  14. Behind the Scenes videos
  15. Elmo
  16. Winning in games
  17. Weather (Tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.)
  18. Youtube Poops
  19. Developer Tools (or Inspect Element)
  20. Papers, Please
  21. Nickelodeon
  22. Homer Simpson (Doh!)
  23. Halloween, B-day (Birthday)
  24. A new computer
  25. Bandicam, and Fraps (Recording applications)
  26. Kongregate


  1. Girly stuff
  2. People who vandalize my wikis
  3. People who hate me
  4. Losing in games
  5. Blue Screen of Death (or B.S.O.D)
  6. Boring stuff
  7. Bullies
  8. Getting Grounded
  9. Hard Homework (sometimes)


  • He is sometimes called Carkle by some users.
  • He loves ragdoll physics games.
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